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"Side by Side - Together for a climate of change " is a partecipatory documentary about the reconstruction and the damage reduction process in In Chimoio and the province of Manica, Mozambique. Two cyclones hit the area during 2019.
In the midst of the pandemic, the NGO GVC - We World called on us to help them tell the story of the reconstruction and damage reduction process. We held a basic workshop on the us of action cams so that the people working on the project could show us what they were doing with their own eyes. After a year of collecting material, interviewing people, covering thousands of kilometres, comparing notes and discussing, we put the material together and came out "Side by Side - Together for a climate of change". Here you can watch the trailer
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One year after "No Kuida di no mindjeres" we were back in Guinea Bissau.
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" We told a somewhat strange story. In Guinea Bissau there would be everything to breed chickens but nobody does. Why? "
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We visited Mongolia to recount the extraordinary results of international cooperation in this millenary country
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The journey of a hater through Ethiopia. Lercio and Amref guide us in this adventure
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International Women Day, 8 March. Together with NGO Amref we spoke to people in Ethiopia about the condition of women.
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Routes is the first documentary produced by Narvaloo, it is the story of a journey between Italy and West Africa.

Narvaloo is a collective that creates documentaries by experimenting horizontal models of production and realization. For us, the basis of communication must be interchange between directors and protagonists, trying to bring together the point of view of those who live the story and the point of view of those who tell it, making the protagonists also and above all storytellers.A long road has brought us to this point. Documentary after documentary, project after project, working on all continents, tackling completely different stories, we decided to specialize in participatory documentaries.For us, participatory documentary is a practice that begins and ends collectively. It starts with meetings and debates, continues with workshops and laboratories, and ends with a documentary that a lot of people have worked on. It is a practice that we carry on. It has no defined structure, no specific rules. It is our attempt to give back a space that does not belong to us.

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